• Earth Day

    Earth Day

    by Maria Letterioti Artist: Marta Mengardo We were told yesterday in class that we must respect Earth. That means the plants and the animals. The environment, our natural habitat. “We must collect all trash from the beach,” our teacher said. “We must not leave any waste behind, and we have to be considerate of others.…

  • Three Pieces

    Three Pieces

    by Elancharan Gunasekaran Kill The MessengerPeeling the hood from shaved head, fingers grip tight. “It” struggles. Feeding the enemy, magic for magic. My wildfire to its tiny ember. Carefully I sift through the memories, siphoning conversations, maps, war plans. The euphoria fades and its life is gone. Gates unlock, another subject waits to be probed.…

  • Candy Canes

    Candy Canes

    by Amanda Crum Donetta Cain was an eye baller. Everyone else at the factory relied on measurements, and she had too, in the first year. She had poured the syrup precisely, kneaded the sugary mass until her hands ached, rolled it finger-thin against a yardstick to cut perfectly formed candy canes. It had seemed important…

  • A Breach In The Wall

    A Breach In The Wall

    Marco Etheridge lives and writes in Vienna, Austria. His fiction has appeared in Literally Stories, Dime Show Review, Five on the Fifth, Storgy, Inlandia Journal, Manzano Mountain Review, Every Day Fiction, Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, Literary Yard, Mobius: A Journal for Social Change, Czykmate, Cleaning Up the Glitter, Fleas on the Dog, and…

  • Untitled post 3674

    Jim Plath holds a BFA in creative writing from The University of Nebraska at Omaha. His work has appeared most recently in The Flat Water Rises: Anthology of Emerging Nebraska Writers, Blue Monday Review, Oracle Fine Arts Review, and other journals.

  • I’ve Got a Dream for you

    I’ve Got a Dream for you

    Reed Kuehn is an avid runner and combat veteran. While literature has always been an important part of his life, recently he has brought it to the forefront with his endeavors in writing.

  • Sea Foam

    Sea Foam

    by Hayden Moore Artist: Rebecca Freeh Smooth runs the water where the brook is deep–William Shakespeare: Henry VI part II It was a place where the sea met the rocks and the rocks melted into the sea. In the shade of a twisted palm tree hosting thousands of glistening blackberries at its base, the girl…

  • Freshman


    by Epiphany Ferrell Artist: Seamless It occurred to Marion that she’d been lying in bed quite a long time. At first she’d watched the shadow from the windowpane move up the wall, across the ceiling, down the other wall. Then she’d not been able to see it anymore. It all seemed gray, the indistinct light…

  • Still or Sparkling

    Still or Sparkling

    by Greg Roensch The still water bottles were happiest when the sparkling stayed on the opposite side of the shelf. In truth, both sides preferred to keep any interaction to a minimum. The way the still water bottles saw it, their fizzy counterparts were carbonated showoffs who only came around for special occasions, like holidays…

  • The Bombyx Gigantica

    The Bombyx Gigantica

    by Elliot Harper Artist: Elaine de Kooning “Where are you going with that? Hey, peg leg! Huh? Hey, Marky boy! I’m talking to you!” They burst out laughing at his comments. They don’t expect me to answer. I’ve had enough experience with their bullying to know that. They just want to torture me. Sometimes I…