Andrei Orlov


by Lily Tierney

Artist: Andrei Orlov

Debbie sat alone at a table in an empty restaurant. She ordered a tuna sandwich and a cup of coffee. The waitress was heading in her direction with it. Her order was placed in front of her, and the waitress said enjoy. Debbie thought that was kind of funny in a sad way. 

She was supposed to enjoy an empty restaurant while sitting alone with a tuna sandwich. Well, she picked up the sandwich and proceeded to chow down.  She wasn’t really that hungry, at least not for a tuna sandwich. Debbie ate half her sandwich and drank all her coffee.  She then picked up her check and headed toward the register to pay. 

Out on the street it was deserted, not a soul around. She had about a six block walk back to her small half-furnished apartment.  Of course, she was in no hurry to get there she never was. The cold night air revived her and quickened her pace.  She decided to take the long way, and went down different blocks.

Up ahead, she saw a man getting out of his car dropping his car keys. She yelled to him that he dropped his car keys. He looked up at Debbie, and smiled.  She reminded him his keys were still on the ground.  He picked them up.

 “What is a pretty girl like you doing out by herself?”  He asked, smiling at Debbie.

“Hello, my name is Debbie, ” she said, returning his smile. 

“Hi, I’m Dan, and would you like to join me for dinner?” he asked, hoping she would say yes.

Debbie thought for a moment, then thought why not?

“Yes, that sounds nice.  I would really enjoy that,” she said, thinking about the tuna sandwich she half- finished. 

They started walking and talking, and Debbie noticed they were standing in front of the same restaurant she had left twenty minutes ago. Once inside, they looked for a table, and the same waitress returned to take their order.  The waitress didn’t seem to notice Debbie, and walked away toward the kitchen. 

Debbie looked around and noticed what a nice restaurant it was.  She didn’t notice that the first time. The waitress came back with their food, and she didn’t have to tell them to enjoy it.  Debbie was totally enjoying herself with Dan. 

The waitress walked away smiling. She remembered Debbie from the first time, and thought having someone to share things with was so much better than being alone.

Lily Tierney

Lily Tierney’s work has appeared online and in printed magazines.





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