• At the Ballet

    At the Ballet

    by Jeffrey Hantover Artist: Gaby Cavalcanti On Sunday afternoon Sarah Evers and her husband William went to the ballet. On Monday morning Sarah Evers called her lawyer to tell her she wanted to file for divorce. Sarah and her husband had the same good seats for twenty years, third row center. Sarah had seen Swan…

  • After the Bridge

    After the Bridge

    Steve lives in Southeast Portland, OR and works at an elementary school with students who have autism. In his spare time (when he isn’t writing) he brews beer, plays all sorts of board games, and has staring contests with his dog, Rowsby Woof. If he ever gets a tattoo, it will say, “Born to Write.…

  • Seven


    by Drew Tkac Artist: Steve Johnson Steven Provok bursts open the door to his house. He is hungry after his twelve-hour shift in the coal mines followed by two hours at Ubritizie’s Bar drinking cheap whisky. “Andrew,” he bellows, “Take out the goddamn piss pot, it smells like piss in here.” “Yes papa, I was…

  • Ennui


    by Patrick Key Artist: Jonas Hafner Tallulah Rain had been called many things in her life. Most of her monikers couldn’t be repeated in polite society, but she was shocked when a random grade schooler called her pretty. Maybe she was pretty when she was that child’s age, but now she thought she could only…

  • Sea Spirit

    Sea Spirit

    Patrick started writing seriously later in life, thanks to the help of a poetry class during his undergraduate years. His works have appeared in The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, Ephemeral Elegies, and Better Than Starbucks, among others. He is also the founding editor of Grand Little Things.

  • Blades


    by Vee Weeks Artist: Christopher Burns When Daisy’s alarm went off at 7 am., she had already been staring at her white walls for three hours and she felt like her blue eyes were going to pop out of her head. She silenced her blaring phone and sat up, her bare feet hovering over the…

  • The Neo-Panthers

    The Neo-Panthers

    Hansel Figueroa is a Bronxite with a BA in Media & Communications. He has been published in Johnson & Wales University’s student newspaper, the Campus Herald. He also graduated from the school as summa cum laude. Interested in art and culture, this eclectic writer hopes to churn out tales and stories that would’ve held his…

  • The Accordion Man

    The Accordion Man

    by Hansel Figueroa It’s past midnight. The only sounds I hear are the cars passing below on the street. Even though I’m in bed and feel exhausted, I can’t fall asleep. Then, a new sound appears. It’s the faint sounds of an accordion. I don’t believe it at first, but the melody continues to creep…

  • Season of the Drought

    Season of the Drought

    by Mark Tulin Artist: Denis Tangney The rain was always in the back of my mind. When will a storm come? A beautiful downpour? Hell, I’d take a drizzle, a couple of spits from heaven. I kept looking up where God was supposed to be. Why are you holding back? Why are you torturing me?…

  • Bacon


    by Jessica Hwang Artist: Scott Olson The air is laden with stink and with noise. The sharp sting of ammonia cuts through layers of coppery blood and vomit-tang. Squeals puncture the suffocating heat. Men shovel piles of steaming dung, kicking animals out of their way. Their tanned ropy forearms sling heavy buckets of slop into…