The Neo-Panthers

by Hansel Figueroa

******** Inside his two-story home Police officer Matthew Blake prepares himself for the day ahead. His restless mind mulls over past events. Officer Blake is about to leave, but his wife, Angelica, stops him.

            “Honey,” she says, “listen to me, you did nothing wrong.” Her hands float up to comfort his face. “You’re gonna be okay.” Officer Blake bends down and kisses his petite wife before leaving.

Angelica travels upstairs to their bedroom. After a few minutes, she hears something downstairs.

            “Matthew,” Angelica giggles. “What did you forget this time?” She heads downstairs and sees a figure in the kitchen. “Oh, what would you do without me?” Angelica asks as she enters the kitchen.

            What Angelica finds is not her husband, but a demon in all black. Before she can scream, another demon appears behind her.

            The morning sun has turned to dusk as Officer Blake pulls into his garage.

            “Angelica, you were right!” Officer Blake announces. He’s brimming with confidence. “Angelica!” Officer Blake calls out.

            Officer Blake makes his way to the kitchen, only to find his wife bloody and dead on the floor. There’s a scream that can’t be silenced. Tears that won’t dry. Officer Blake drops to the ground, unable to form sentences. Officer Blake only sees his deceased wife; he hasn’t noticed that something is waiting for him.

*******A note. One that reads: No more.

Hansel Figueroa

Hansel Figueroa is a Bronxite with a BA in Media & Communications. He has been published in Johnson & Wales University’s student newspaper, the Campus Herald. He also graduated from the school as summa cum laude. Interested in art and culture, this eclectic writer hopes to churn out tales and stories that would’ve held his interest as a child.





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