The Bogeyman

Elise Farotto is a regular non-fiction contributor to Witches Magazine and the author of three self-published novels. She is an active member of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association and co-founder of The Coven Creative, a radical female artists’ collective based out of Los Angeles. Continue reading The Bogeyman

A Breach In The Wall

Marco Etheridge lives and writes in Vienna, Austria. His fiction has appeared in Literally Stories, Dime Show Review, Five on the Fifth, Storgy, Inlandia Journal, Manzano Mountain Review, Every Day Fiction, Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, Literary Yard, Mobius: A Journal for Social Change, Czykmate, Cleaning Up the Glitter, Fleas on the Dog, and Writing Disorder. Continue reading A Breach In The Wall

Object Permanence

by  Amanda Pendley it was poetic justice maybewhen two days earlier, the three of us stoodsquished and stepping on feetin front of the dull dorm bathroom mirrorfor a friend’s photography projectwe were told to act natural as wepretended to examine our skin for blackheadsand check our teeth for spinachand reach behind our ears in search … Continue reading Object Permanence

Punting Everything We Don’t Have The Guts To Say Into The Sky

by Amanda Pendley little kids blush when confronted with crushesthough it may be the purest form of loveany of us will ever haveI’m stumbling upon more and more days latelywhen I wish I could go back to thatwe always teased zach about shannonand you teased me about zach and hissoccer trained legs that punted kickballsstudying … Continue reading Punting Everything We Don’t Have The Guts To Say Into The Sky


by Grace Yannotta The dog sits in the corner of the room. She looks like one of those pharaoh dogs, Suze thinks, the lithe golden body, the sharp ears, the keen dark eyes. The ones that line the tombs of the olden kings. The protectors. She knows she’s not supposed to stare, the poor thing … Continue reading Bau