When are submission open?

Submissions usually open between August and early November. However, these dates are subject to change. Dream Noir recommends subscribing to the email list for updates.

Are there any submission fees?

Nope, it’s free!

Do you consider shape poems?

Generally speaking, we prefer work to be on the left margin. It should be noted that the hosting website is not intuitive. Often, there are alterations, and the piece submitted does not capture its likeness exactly. Dream Noir does not oppose it, but we want you to be aware.

Do you allow updates for author bios or name changes?

Of course!

What if I want to alter my story you already accepted?

If it’s minor changes that’s fine. However if it’s excessive or changing the entirety of what you submitted to the magazine, that will put you at a disadvantage.

Can I pick my cover photo?


So… about the copyrights?

You retain full rights to every poem, visual, and/or story you submit to Dream Noir. All we ask is that you credit us back if you re-submit it somewhere else. Please and thanks.

Where is Dream Noir based?

Nevada, USA.

Do you offer payment?

Since Dream Noir is non-profit we can’t pay our contributors at this time, but I will definitely keep you posted when that changes.