Where Diversity is Celebrated



Dream Noir wants to build a threshold of writers and artist in all forms, regardless if they’re part of the academics or not.


Celebrate a diverse spectrum of visual and literary art forms, that isn’t afraid to tell the truth.


Dream Noir is a vortex for all the appreciation art has to offer; created in 2018 by Day Sibley to give a platform for various craftsmanship of words, thoughts, and visuals. With that, this magazine is looking for the in-depth authenticity of what the artist can create by dishing out their thoughts and feelings.

Our team is looking for a diverse spectrum of op-eds, prose, short fiction, art, poetry, and more! We want pieces that will knock us to our feet — in the right way. This magazine is for those who are emerging or established as a writer/artist.

Although we’d prefer unpublished work, we’re willing to reconsider publishing it, but let us know where it was published beforehand. Simultaneous submissions are fine, just withdraw it if placed elsewhere.