Dream Noir is a literary vortex for all the appreciation art has to offer; created in 2018 by Day Sibley to give a platform for various types of craftsmanship of words, thoughts, and visuals. With that, this magazine is looking for the in-depth authenticity of what the artist can create by dishing out their ideas and feelings. Our team is looking for a diverse spectrum of essays, prose, short fiction, art, poetry and more! We want pieces that will knock us to our feet — in a good way. We don’t care if you’re an emerging or established artist, and although we’d prefer unpublished work, we’re willing to consider previously published pieces as long as you let us know where it was already published beforehand.


Day Sibley / Founder
was born and raised in Nevada with her two older brothers and creole parents based out of Louisiana. Her first poem “Bloodshed” was published in Neon Dreams, followed by The DrabbleQuail Bell Magazine, 50 haikus and more. While attending CSN, she interned for the Red Rock Review journal for over a year. Meanwhile, she was competing on and off at her local poetry slam when she decided to create a vlog called Wal Poetry. When Day isn’t working, she’s most likely exercising, spreading social consciousnesses, or learning Jyotish and videography. She’s currently working on her B.A. at NSC.

Jasmine Rivera/ Editor
Being a Poet is not a duty but rather a opportunity to show the most purest form of who we are, our soul.
Jasmine is a whole-hearted haiku loving poet born in Nevada. She’s very thankful to work alongside the very talented editors in this captivating literary journal. She is currently pursuing her degree in the medical field, and when she is not hiking or exploring all of what nature has to offer, she’s enjoying the variety of work that gets submitted to Dream Noir and finds her peace in doing so.

Emilee Wirshing/ Reader
Emilee is a poet and librarian based in Las Vegas, NV. She’s also a coffee enthusiast, bookbinding dabbler, desert dweller and succulent gardener.


past team members: Jordan “The Changeling” Cladwell