Visitation Dream: White Kitten

by Rosalie Hendon

Artist: Amy Chen

You were there, in my childhood bedroom
holding the tiniest white kitten
in your beloved hands

When I fell asleep, you coaxed her
into my palms–I woke and she
was there, you were not

I knew it was a goodbye
You left me a book, too,
a paperback of all your stories and pictures

I was so glad to have it:
the life stories of our matriarch,
and resolved to make copies for all the cousins

Rosalie Hendon

Rosalie Hendon (she/her) is an environmental planner living in Columbus, Ohio. Her work is published in Change Seven, Pollux, Willawaw, Write Launch, and Sad Girls Club, among others. Rosalie is inspired by ecology, relationships, and stories passed down through generations.





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