Yakan no Shigoto(Night Work)

by Bobbie Loeschner

Artist: Yamamoto-ya Heikichi

Deafening silence
Flickering of candle light
The bandits outside

The past reaches him
Howling screams on midnight’s breeze
The swordsman stands by

Clamor at the gate
The shadows, gliding, burst through
Blades drawn like fanged wolves

The lone warrior
Springs his arm from its sheath, then—
Steel cacophony

Crashing death—gift to
An Ukiyo-e Yokai
All is harmony

Morning light glimpses
The restoring of his sword
He dons victory

Bobbie Loeschner

My name’s Bobbie, I’m a Team Lead at a warehouse where all my shifts seem to be busier than the one previous. During whatever off-time I get, I write fiction, whether it be short stories, novels, or poetry. A goal of mine–admittedly no humble one–is for my work to appear in a publication such as Yours.





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