Three Haikus

by Inge Sorensen

Artist: Sumit Pruthi

Emerald lights dance on the walls
Darkness transcends space
Jazz music on stage

Fall Stroll
Purple Skies of Rain
Maple Trees Slowly Align
Today’s Fall Stroll

A Naptime
The Call of Naptime
And Yet Sleep Will Not Arrive
Eluding the Youth.

Inge Sorensen

Inge Sorensen is a poet and short story writer born and raised in California’s Bay Area. In her free time, she loves reading, sharing her favorite stories, and comparing a finished book to their on-screen adaptation. Her writing subjects explore themes of loss, joy, hardship, nostalgia, and adventure. Her pieces have been featured in the Viewless Wings Poetry Podcast, the Humans of the World blog, and Poet’s Choice Autumn Anthology.





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