Urban Myth Has It that There’s A Driver Who’s Been Circling London Ceaselessly

by Jenny Middleton

You are a coordinate on a map, a starting place and a destination endlessly circling between
their arms – the names of places you drove through on the way tyre-tracking into memory.
Distance is a drumming spiral of numbered miles and love is admitting there are places you
will never reach – people you don’t need to meet. Alternate endings gleam and fade in the
tail-lights of cars hurtling beyond you.

standing still
purple clovers grow
near and sweet

Jenny Middleton

Jenny is a working mum and writes whenever she can amid the fun and chaos of family life. Her poetry is published in several printed anthologies, magazines and online poetry sites. Jenny lives in London with her husband, two children and two very lovely, crazy cats. You can read more of her poems at her website https://www.jmiddletonpoems.com





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