Three Poems

by Carla Sarett

Artist: Eduardo Argoud

Self-Portrait as Shostakovich
plays stud poker
smokes a pack
tap dances on piano
sleeps in unlit stairwell
valise packed
prays not yet not yet

Self-Portrait at Dinner
one person here
one person missing

Addendum for Healthcare Proxy
If I linger
before dying

Know I’m ready
for what is next.

But before you set
me free, play

the Brandenburgs
to the last

note, then again
just in case.

Carla Sarett

Carla Sarett is a poet and fiction writer based in San Francisco. Her debut full-length poetry collection, She Has Visions, is published by Main Street Rag Press in November, 2022. Recent poems appear in Pithead Chapel, Overheard, Harpy Hybrid and elsewhere. Carla has a PhD from University of Pennsylvania.





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