Two Poems

by Samantha Ewing

I am truly alive
While the sun rises outside
My mind slowly waking
Eyes not yet open
An alternate reality
while my body rests

I found a familiar face
Making memories fly through my mind
Of Nights spent speaking on the streets
As we roamed ‘round in the rain
Unconcerned under our umbrella
Talking ‘till the time ran out
Having to hobble home
Laughing like lunatics
We were fast friends, having fun
Then slowly separating
Time passing, people pressing on
Not noticing you until now
When I was walking along the water
And spotted you standing under the stars
Frowning at the friend you had forgotten

Samantha Ewing

Samantha Ewing, currently residing in the Pennsylvania suburbs, has taken on the role of being a poet. She is currently producing many short poems that reflect her 18 years of life experience. Samantha is an introvert at heart, who may be witnessed escaping reality by means of technology or books.

Artist: IG @pbphxtxgraphy





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