Jordan Parks

Everybody dies, I have to, too, but

by Gale Acuff

I don’t know when and sometimes I wish I
did so that I could prepare for it but then
at least I know that I will even though
I don’t know the exact time, and come to
think about it maybe there’s no time at
all involved, at least not to me, when I
die that is though it might be to folks left
behind, they mark death down to the moment
but as for me Eternity begins
when time’s behind me, at least I think so,
I’m ten years old but I figured it out
when I fell asleep in Sunday School and
dreamt it up or maybe God gave it me.
In any case, eat your heart out, Joseph.

Gale Acuff

Gale Acuff has had hundreds of poems published in na dozen countries and has authored three books of poetry. He has taught tertiary English courses in the US, PR China, and Palestine.

Artist: Jordan Parks





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