Cindy Creighton

Fly Fishing

by Michael Steffen

So much leaping and letting go,
flicking your wrist to a shadow
you thread line through, lacing
surface to writhing depth,
summoning tension. Between rocks,
cutthroat and rainbow shelter.
Entice the unseen
with a four-count rhythm,
slice the air with a gentle arc
and let your line lay down
across the back of another world.
Retrieve. Repeat. You are searching
for something shimmering, deep
and rising toward you.

Michael Steffen

Michael Steffen’s fourth collection of poems, Blood Narrative, was published in 2021 by Main Street Rag Press. New work has recently appeared, or will appear soon, in Book of Matches, The Chaffin Journal and Literary Cocktail Magazine. Michael is an MFA graduate from Vermont College and currently lives in Buffalo, NY.

Artist: Cindy Creighton





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