Mohamad Orai

Two Poems

by George Freek

Life at Sunrise
After Li Po

A spider web of stars,
encloses the moon
in a suffocating net,
but the stars are long dead,
and the moon
is merely a rock of lead.
Life and death are eternal mysteries.
and questions without answers
are better left unsaid.
I look at my cat, sleeping
peacefully in my bed.
He’s troubled by
just one thing,
when he wakes, will he be fed.

Near a Fallen Oak
After Tu Fu

Snow drifts in the air
like a white fog.
Summer has gone.
Life will survive.
New flowers will arrive.
Ice will disappear,
and the river will flow.
But the distant stars
can’t light this harsh night.
Leafless trees stand
as silent as dead friends.
They tell me
what was and what will be.

George Freek

George Freek’s poetry has been published in numerous Journals and Reviews. His poem “Enigmatic Variations” was recently nominated for Best of the Net. His collection “Melancholia” is published by Red Wolf Editions.

Artist: Mohamad Orai





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