Alejandro Osses

Two Poems

by Alshaad Kara

The Dawn’s Bellow
Eavesdropping into that mansion in smut,
Your piano is screeching the dark emotions.
My emptied heart is stuck in an urn,
Is my liberty in captivity?
Eavesdropping close to my heart,
Cracks are appearing on the ceiling!
Water is flooding through the decanter!
The violin is quivering by this spatter.
Submit those sunrises to those sunshine,
My heartbreak is in captivity.

Fallen Leaf
Tell my heart that the fallen leaves are not yours…
As this will refrain my ability to cry…
I want to live with you but your heart has left,
One which is still adamant loving another season,
Tell my heart in the sky that this is no treason!
I feel like falling from the stars,
To thrive for my heartbreak.
I feel like falling from the sky,
To thrive for my heartbeat.
Tell my heart that the fallen leaves are not yours…
My ability to cry is indeed a heart’s fallen leaf.

Alshaad Kara

Alshaad Kara is a Mauritian poet who writes from his heart. His poems were published in an anthology, “PS: It’s Still Poetry – An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry from Around the World” and three journals, “The Suburban Review Issue #25: Juice”, “borrowed solace literary 2022 Spring journal” and “Deep Overstock #17: Beekeeping”. His latest poems were published in two anthologies, “Les gardeurs de Rêves” and “Love Letters to Poe, Volume 2: Houses of Usher”.

Artist: Alejandro Osses





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