Yoshie Asano

Maybe You Should Choke

by Sam Ray

I used to dim my light so they could shine a little brighter
So they didn’t feel bad
Or think God picked favorites
And he didn’t

I worked hard to be everyone’s favorite light

I used to be told I was too much so I’d shrink myself
I was told I take up too much space so I became quiet
I made myself small, my voice, my mind, my dreams,

I was silent

But making myself smaller and burning a little less brighter
And becoming quieter
Became too much for me to hold in
It became violent
Like a constant battle to be someone I’m not

But I wont break myself into little pieces anymore
To make me more “digestable” for you
I’m gonna stay whole and watch you choke

Maybe if I’m too much you should grow

And maybe if I’m too loud You should go
If my pieces become too big to chew
Spit that shit out because it wasn’t meant for you
And if you aren’t shining as bright as me

You should take it personally.

Sam Ray

Sam Ray is a fresh face to poetry, but growing up with the strip as her backyard it’s no wonder this poet knows how to captivate a crowd. The multi-talented 26 year old has featured at places like Cork & Thorn and the Utah Arts Festival. Her poetry is truthful and raw, and she doesn’t shy away from heavy topics whether it be acting, singing, or poetry. Sam is sure to tug at your heartstrings.

Artist: Yoshie Asano





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