by Keana Aguila Labra

Natalie reminds me of a song that should have been longer, that’s how good it is. The reader is immediately sucked into Keana’s heavy imagery and meticulous style of words as she expresses her love and heartbreak. This is a walk down memory lane you’d want to take while learning to heal from the past. So this is definitely something you’d want to pick up and read!!

Keana Aguila Labra

Keana Aguila Labra (she/her) is a review writer, poet, essayist, & columnist residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of the online literary magazine, Marías at Sampaguitas. She examines literature & media through a feminist lens & cultural awareness. Knowing the importance of representation, her work is evidence that Filipinx Americans are present in the literary world. She may be found reading, watching anime, or writing in her journal. Her favorite genres are thrillers, science fiction, mysteries, & Westerns.





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