Three Poems

by Freya Pickard

movement song – ocean
rounded by the salty waves
carved by the moon-driven tide
ground down to tiny pebbles;
do they remember largeness?

shout song for the sea
ride the high cold black wave
fly through stinging ice foam
absorb the energy!

dark song for death
no song, no tune
dark breath of death bird

Freya Pickard

Freya is a cancer survivor who is not afraid to explore the darkness. She currently has 12 e-books published, most of which are in the fantasy genre. She finds inspiration in the sea, vinyl music and in beautifully written books. She is currently working undercover in the hospitality industry in order to study Humans so that she can complete her series of The Kaerling.

Artist: David Stenbeck 





4 responses to “Three Poems”

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  2. Freya Pickard Author Avatar

    Thank you for featuring my poetry in such a beautiful post!

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  4. Karima Hoisan Avatar

    Beautiful…all three, I love this image, especially,”ride the high cold black wave.”

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