by Avery Krause

your fingers under chin,
tilting up
two turns graze steering wheel, my
palms stream salt
your hands lay loosely in lap,
holding honeyed air
black bound bag swings unchanged, my
split knuckles drip
your dirt dimmed nails overworked,
overwhelmed by shadows
nails trail bloody lines on scalp, my
anxious finger fiddling
your palms stained gun grease black,
every M-4 clean
still painted blue the next morning, my
acrylic wrists crack
your white knuckled fists clutch worn straps,
paper parachute riggings
shaky fingers grip pen too tight, my
pressure produced frostbite
your daydream fingers linger at your side
always stretching west
my night soaked palms clench and unclench
always stretching east

Avery Krause

Avery Krause is a Graduate student at Western Governors University studying to be a high school English teacher. Her poetry style is raw and real, based on the emotions she has felt and the experiences she has had. Her poetry is a part of her, a look into her world.

Artist: Aaron Larson





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