Patra Heidrich

July 14

by Raina Seward

when i first met you
your face blushed pink
and your words tripped up the stairs
your eyes were scared
but they ran sideways
and up the walls
it was a cold wet day
but the lightning heated the earth’s surface
and made me melt from within
and though we never touched
i knew your hands all too well

Raina Seward

The purpose of her writing is pure introspection. Being a young writer, Raina Seward emphasizes on the glowing transformation of adolescents to powerful young adults, while uncovering topics such as romance, trauma, and absolute freedom. Growing up in a dense, diverse city, Raina idealizes simplicity in words and thoughts that cut through the sounds of busy streets and restless nights.

Artist: Patra Heidrich





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  1. Butch Avatar

    Watching Raina grow up as a coach and a friend, I always felt she was destined for great things.

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