Kannetha Brown

Eat Your Heart Out

by Sarah Bollman

Rivers run from
loose lips and glazed
eyes staring ever forward.
Teeth close around soft
muscle, clenching
and releasing out
of rhythm

Hemoglobin, iron rich,
Syrup-thick plasma sliding
down past places it might have
Resided, now standing empty and
Longing, longing for the maybes, the
Could’as, would’as, should’as
Draped gently between
splintered ribs

White dress shirts and clean
pressed seams run red, oozing
from jaws and fingertips dug deep
into a hollow chest, makeshift sutures
sewing skin shut, but stains and
scars will linger on as heart
strings tangle between

Sarah Bollman

Sarah Bollman is a writer, first and foremost, and takes joy in experimenting within the boundless possibilities the art form provides. When she isn’t writing, she likes reading, cuddling with her roommate’s cat, drinking tea, and people watching. She’s currently working on her Bachelor of Arts at Western Washington University, majoring in creative writing and minoring in technical writing.

Artist: Kannetha Brown





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