by Emma Demopoulos

The colors you braid into your hair
Are painted on my heart
Beaten by the wind and salt,
They become memories
of what they once were
The words you write
Are tucked in all my pockets
They coat the inside of my clothes
Reminders of what I can’t wash away
The comfort and love you gave me
Soften each step I take
so the rest of me hurts a little less
Although the space between us is only growing
I may be taking the steps, but you gave me the boots
I suppose blame is useless now
Because nothing can be erased
And the apologies won’t undo the damage
But even so,
I buy the paint to match the colors in your hair
Brush them across my heart,
As I patch your words into my clothes, so
every part of me maps the way you have changed me
A blinking exit sign calling you home.

Emma Demopoulos

Emma Demopoulos is a writer, creator, and general enthusiast of all things odd or quirky. She finished her debut novel and seeks representation. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her family and two cats. She graduated from Miami University with a degree in Creative Writing.

Artist: Matthew Cusik 





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