Two Poems

by Angelica Liu


It began with–
a dumb pain, as if
a nip in heart
and then–
a silent scream, as if
a struggle underwater
and then–
a static breakdown, as if
a dying without witness
and life just passed on,

A Life Like a Plant

Time grows wildly here
It creeps over me
and crawls on the floor
It clings to the furniture
like vines intertwine
It climbs around the wall
like moss covers the stone
My room is now a secret garden
that is hidden from the world
You see—
Nothing happens here
only time runs wild
A life like a plant.

Artist: Genavieve Clarisse

Angela Liu is a teacher in Hangzhou, China. Even though she has studied English, teaches English, and reads English literature in English, she has never visited an English-speaking country. She possesses a deep and abiding fondness for the English language and writing in English is a major theme in her life. She is enchanted by the descriptive power found in English and hopes someday to study creative writing in a Western country. Her dream is to write for an English-speaking audience and having her work appear in the Dream Noir is an important step toward that goal.