Train Ride To Kaltungo

by Efe Ogufere

A creation story

in Eden we shared
midmorning conversations
with a butterfly


from within the flames
voices in my mother tongue
urging me to jump

The Origin of Butterflies

the little things
that tickle the butterflies
between your eyes.


lost leaves in autumn
spend a lifetime in odyssey
from moon to sea.

Train Ride to Kaltungo

curious fingers
trace out a crescent moon
window covered in mist.

Efe Ogufere

He is a Nigerian poet working in Port Harcourt. A few of his poems been featured on journals and magazines such as Sediments Literary Review, The Kalahari Review, Afrikan Mbiu, Ibis Head Review and The Single Story Foundation Issue I. In 2016, he was long-listed for the RL Poetry Award (International Category). In 2017, He was listed by Nanty Green as one of the top ten contemporary poets you should be reading. His chapbook A Portrait of Violence drops in 2020.

Artist: Dafna Hagai





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