by Amanda Pendley

stagnant hum of surf worn bodies/ washed up on shorelines/ bathtubs/ sewers/ what it means to be underneath/ passed over/ laid to rest in foggy water/ laid to bed in defeat/ in retreat/ in the crinkle of the television turning on/ tuning/ searching/ through databases of well kept facts/ tune out the noise to keep yourself in tact as you are flooded/ buried/ undertaken/ current washes over current events/ he changes the channel/ has enough will power to pick up the remote/ enough rage to smash it through the window/ while you exist in the other room/ distant/ hearing sirens in the distance/ foreshadowing of ambulance blaring/ when they find bodies/ ambivalent oblivion/ he crashes/ you fall deeper/ catatonic/ justifies himself by claiming you wanted it/ tears turn blue in the light shined on devil’s eyes/ only sorry when he is caught/ and only caught when he isn’t careful enough/ when the scene is a landmark of a decade/ a trope in conglomeration of boys who don’t know the healthy way to break
you lay/ periodized/ bookended/ chock full of void/ numb/ nothing/ only static to the noise.

Amanda Pendley

Amanda Pendley is a twenty-year-old writer from Kansas City who is currently studying Creative Writing and Publishing at the University of Iowa. She has previously worked as an editor for award winning teen literary magazine Elementia and as the Nonfiction Editor of Ink Lit Mag. She is currently Editor-in-Chief of Ink Lit Mag. Her work has appeared in publications of Ramona Magazine, Crêpe and Penn Literary Magazine, Outrageous Fortune Magazine, and many others. She often finds inspiration in Lorde songs, the wonders of midwestern peculiarities, and by doing the most important thing one can do in the world: listening.





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