The Sea

by Pitambar Naik

Million questions lurk plainly

it’s normal to be curious
about the unseen world of
green, azure, gold, flesh and blood

deep inside a peaceful war
very systematic
outside a peaceful chaos
very diligent
but is it not true that your
belly gets infected by carcinogenic?

the mouth of a busy Ouroboros
remains occupied to be vocal.

by night the moon touches
the house of million wonders
the rare species and their anxieties
are abnormally panicked
your sanity is just a myth now.

You sketch a diagram of emotions
of depth, width and breadth
the marine sensibility creates a pulse
of a new geography
of desire and thirst in photogenic pain.

Is it a good season or a catastrophe?
you get older
and keep roaring like
a government of enigma
in the camouflage of serenity!

Pitambar Naik

Pitambar Naik is a poet and writer from Western Odisha in India. He’s a contributing editor for the Punch Magazine and the winner of Write, Publish and Publicise Contest-Bengaluru Poetry Festival, 2019. He’s longlisted for the Rhythm Divine Poetry Chapbook Contest 2018 and the author of The Anatomy of Solitude, a collection of poetry (Hawakal Publishers, Kolkata-2019). His work is forthcoming in Queer Poetry of South Asia¡: HarperCollins India, Eclectica Magazine, Stag Hill Literary Journal and has appeared in Cha: An Asian Literary Magazine, Voice and Verse Poetry magazine, Vayavya, Literary Orphans, Mad Swirl, Occulum, The Mark Literary Review, Mojave Heart Review, The Punch Magazine, The Literary Nest, Formercactus, Best Indian Poetry among others.

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