by Andy Betz

Snowflakes – Each one unique. Each one individual. However, each one set apart from the billions that look almost identical to it. Defines this characteristic as diversity. Effortlessly collectivized by innermost desire to be collectivized. Will resist detailed scrutiny to reveal true identity. A perfect singularity when alone and all alone when grouped.

Snowflakes – So fragile. So delicate. The smallest of applied force or pressure causes destruction. Impossible to bend or adapt. Must remain perfectly ridged to survive. Destroyed instantly by any minutia of heat. Foolishly gather together for strength. Increased mass increases inertia, decreases movement. Doomed existence in any quantity encountered.

Snowflakes – Welcomed upon first arrival. Later, only tolerated. Eventually, everyone happy to see the last snowflake just go away.

Andy Betz

Andy Betz has tutored and taught in excess of 30 years. He lives in 1974, has been married for 27 years, and collects occupations (the current tally is 100). His works are found everywhere a search engine operates.

Artist: Unknown





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