Backstreet Dumpster

by Dragos Bogdan

The world was growing colder
because the weather
was akin
to people’s hearts,
he was told

in a dream

The people had denied him
the world
and he was left with the backstreet
And he had to share the
backstreet dumpster with the dogs
Or rather the dogs had to share
it with him

they agreed

and at least this corner of
the world
was a little warmer.

Dragos Bogdan

Dragos Bogdan works as a dispatcher for a Romanian gambling company (supervising casinos) and part of the work means spending twelve hours alone in the office which is perfect for observing people, daydreaming, and writing poems—which he primarily e-mails to himself.

Artist: Anna Garrett





2 responses to “Backstreet Dumpster”

  1. Andrew Dabar Avatar

    Love this poem. I’m smiling at the truth of the last lines and the warmth provided by man’s best friend.

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