A Visionaries Dilemma

by Sam Rebrovich

The time threads knot
Inside my calcium chamber
Wild reds, and calm purples, plum blues, and sightful greens
Make a mud mess slushy
Nothing moves outside like sleep paralysis
Yet I’m not asleep

Halted until the thread paths unwind
Scenes blurring like a broken TV screen
Dissonance screams
Not that one, pick me!

Me! Mini fragments of me shout
I squeeze my thoughts
From a tube of paint
Hoping this pressure
Will create one picture
That’s clearer than all light in space

Thread-nerves connected to my heart
Vibrate like water in tune with 432hz
Talents come in multiples of 3’s
One life purpose is cliché to me

Strip the threads of their colors
So starry-eyes can’t see
Learn to feel the energy
Trusting in my discernment
The loudest thread is soundless
Chosen the rest resolve around me.

Samantha Rebrovich

Samantha Rebrovich is an honest artist-poet in a Post-Bachelors painting program at LCAD. With a Bachelors of Arts in English from Saint Mary’s College of Ca. She has artwork published in Riverrun by SMC; and debuted at the Lindsay Dirkx Brown Art Gallery, and John Muir Aspen Surgery Center. She is a traveler between dimension.

Artist: Maru Margarian 





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