In the Brick

by Philip Berry

in thirty sentient years the tide has ridden the quay
forty thousand times

the stone in the brick
&containing the promise I set
remains unchanged seamless heart
&prize unseen

i do not remember how heavy it was
&what it looked like
no it gleamed it did shine
&&though it was dark and there were dogs at my back
silver gold who knows I don’t know I just had to hide it

the one who finds it will not mistake it
&a century old anomaly
&a quirk in the bake

if the lucky one
&man woman child vs ancient
figures a way to dig it out (blood fingers, cry over the pain)
&&and if they carry it back to me
&&they will inherit all that I own

thirty years a memory
forty thousand whispers
a promise unspoken to all and to none.

Philip Berry

Philip’s poems have appeared in Lucent Dreaming, Black Bough, Lunate Fiction and Re-side among others. He also writes flash, CNF and books for children. He lives in London and works as a doctor.

Artist: Paula Scher





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