When Opposites Meet

by Angelica Liu

Twilight and rains followed us here
Daylight and city were left behind
The ancient temple lies in its lonely solemnity
Intruders, we had met the end of our world
Here the opposites meet
The day was meeting the night
The summer was meeting the autumn
The civilized was meeting the primitive
The man was meeting the woman
No one can truly understand happiness
Without having reached here
When opposites finally meet
When two realities mingle one with another
Boundaries give way to freedom
The present flows into the future
While the old temple remains timeless.

Angelica Liu 

Angelica Liu lives and writes in Hangzhou, China. She writes for an English speaking audience, even though her first language is Mandarin. She has only visited an English speaking country in her dreams.

Artist: Indig0





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