The Song of Highway

by Angelica Liu

Wheels spinning
Highway unfurls
Time is climbing
On the golden tail of Summer
Not as fragments of moments
One after another
But the smooth curve of waves
Gliding with tunes on the radio
The road extends on and on
As vehicles chase one another⁠—
Large and small, tens of thousands
A migration of wildlife
Racing to the horizon
A river is running aside
Out of the window, in a distance
Flowing high to my waist
Sky hangs low ahead
Sun is shepherding
A grazing herd of lazy clouds
At the end of the endless road
A terminal we can never reach

Angelica Liu

Angelica Liu is an educator and writer living in Hangzhou, China. She writes in English even though her first language is Mandarin. She is eagerly awaiting an opportunity to study in the U.S.

Artist: Unknown 





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