As the Current Goes: A Tanka Series

Maggie Kennedy

sudden drop-off
I have no choice but to swim
stroke after stroke—
the seagulls might mistake me
for an outgoing wave

Marianne Paul

around me
the swirl of the next
I breathe in deeply
this flow of time

Leslie Bamford

distant memories
suddenly real
in this gentle breeze
the smell of roses and you
still holding my hand

Robyn Cairns

small feet
sinking in river mud
still as the egret
I’m watching
ripples soothe me

Barbara Hay

morning light—
awakening with words
on my fingertips
characters spill onto the
blank page … sharing their worlds

Samar Ghose

into the silvery air
a commotion of wings
daubing ylang ylang on my forehead
the yogalates instructor settles in

Poets in Order Of Tanka:

Maggie Kennedy (United States, Illinois), Marianne Paul (Canada, Province), Leslie Bamford (Canada, Province), Robyn Cairns (Australia, Victoria), Barbara Hay (United States, Oklahoma), and Samar Ghose (Australia, Western Australia).

Artist: Vincent Van Gogh





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