by Anthony Salandy

One can always find the time
In much the same way we wait
For planes to arrive and depart
And carry us far and wide,

But some lack the time to see
Beyond their selfish desires
Because time they believe
Will give them ample space

To do later what they should do now,
But like all manner of vehicle
Time runs out on waiting,
And patience grows thin

With disengagement sadness
Because time waits for no one
Like birds in flight in season’s change
People leave when the time cannot

And will not be found by those
They cherish and chase,
But expressed anguish
Cannot shy away from the sincere

Because even emotion has
Undoubted and sincere expiration,
So while one cries remember
If you had just been sincere.

Anthony Salandy

Anthony is an aspiring poet who likes to focus on the contrast between nature and humanity but also the many similarities that bring the two together. Anthony enjoys the pastoral as well as the depth of human sentiment and action and tries in earnest to express this in his poetry. Anthony travels frequently and has spent most of his life in Kuwait jostling between the UK & America. Anthony enjoys writing about the impact of multiculturalism in his life as well. Anthony’s poetry has been published twice.

Artist: Tiffany Arp-Daleo 





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  1. Pauline arthur Avatar
    Pauline arthur

    Wonderful poem written by my only grandson…am very proud. Thanx for publishing and the nice presentation.

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