by Brittany Miric

Lies that hide
That shy
Away from truths that you no longer need to survive.
Lay down your arms
I mean you no harm
If loving you is wrong then I’ll never be right
But loving you is hard
When you leave my sight
Every single night
I don’t exist
What do I do with this
Let me explain
As I weep in the rain
Of my tears
Full of fears
That I never would have had
If only you were a man
Not a child
Who can’t
Figure out
What I am in their life
If they could make me their wife
Not leave me with strife
Yet pushes
The knife
In my heart
So much deeper than before
Because you knew I wanted more
And the games that you played
Caused me to run and to stray
From the pain of your ‘love’
You thought I was so dumb
But you forgot
The eyes
The breast
Those legs in the them heels
The conversations we revealed
The way we truly feel
And just as soon
As our love began to fly
The lies
The lies came
Like an avalanche
Covering the map
Of our future that could have been
Back when
There were no lies
And I didn’t cry
Because of all your lies.
And deceit.

Brittany Miric

Brittany has been a part of the Arts community. She was cast in a few Independent films produced by the North Carolina School of the Arts. Brittany has self published a poetry book on Amazon called “Wine & Poetry: The Rise and Fall of a Relationship,” where the poem “Lies” can be found along with other amazing pieces. She paints pictures with her words for your mind’s eye to see and experience as if you were there experiencing that same love or pain. She will having you racing to the next line to find out what happens next.

Artist: Gallery of Hamilton





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