A Foggy Night

by Anthony Salandy

There was something about that night
Where trees grew blurry in the mist
Of an arising autumn so mystic
Yet so seemingly clear at the same time-

Because on that foggy night
The moon could be seen far and wide
As if presiding over the dance
Of clouds oh so near to the ground,

And as the darkened skies gave way to
The misty grounds so dampened
One could see the dance of sisters
So long departed from the
Mortal ground, yet still so joyous,

And as they danced as shadows do
In the glare of the moonlight
One looked on to me in awe and dismay
For she had never known an onlooker

So quiet and entranced by the
Shadows dancing from way to way
In the embrace of human sway
That as she stared on to me

She fled with her sisters into the night
Only for me to realize that the sisters
I saw were very different to the
Sisters that were, merely embers

Of a fire sparking in to the air
As I sat enrobed by the dance of sisters
I could never truly see or truly had-
Because it was merely a foggy night-

Which surrendered all the mind.

Anthony Salandy

Anthony is an aspiring poet who likes to focus on the contrast between nature and humanity but also the many similarities that bring the two together. Anthony enjoys the pastoral as well as the depth of human sentiment and action and tries in earnest to express this in his poetry. Anthony travels frequently and has spent most of his life in Kuwait jostling between the UK & America. Anthony enjoys writing about the impact of multiculturalism in his life as well. Anthony’s poetry has been published twice.

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