by Melissa Barry

At 11:17 the train runs by
shaking my bed at night,
alerting me to the movement of others.
Traveling souls rush passed me,
maybe reading words of other travelers,
or trying to get any time of rest
in an uncomfortable sleep.
I realize the world around me,
still moving,
always moving,
as I lay in restful stillness.
I let the vibrations send me away too;
to a place far away from here,
a place I can only get to
by the movement of that train,
to a place far in a dream

Melissa Barry 

Melissa Barry is from Mattituck, New York. She now lives in Burlington, Vermont where she is currently working on getting her Master’s in Public Health from the University of Vermont. Though working in the medical field, her heart always beat towards literature.

Artist: Jamie Frier





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