by Sarmistha Gupta

Chasm earthly/gourmandise on fodder
Sardonic smile/blemish of the hour
Forged seasons/jubilation
Everlasting silk orchids/in lonesome ivory/forlorn pink
Peace/sold out
Blotched masks/pummelling the air
Charades frisky/unbound
Spellbinding monotony/enticing
Men/thick icicles
Banal mooring/towering hourglass


Artist: Jackie Wilson

Sarmistha Gupta adores experimenting with various genres of poetry.Her gamut transcends all and embraces creativity at its subtlest. Her literary pieces have been contributed to Spillwords Press and several other literary magazines of the like. Sarmistha works among socially disadvantaged women in INDIA. Sarmistha is no one and no one is her.