Devil’s Paramour

by Sarmistha Gupta

Flung in vortex of numbness/bellowing vociferously
Rickety gates unfold /dizziness
Mongrel in a heap/doused flame
Scathing ash/scavenger gropes
Roasted potatoes/perspiring clay pot
Bubbling pangs/ devil’s craving
Larvae babbling/boastful in mirth
Chaperoning the cur/yawning streetwalker
Gay in charm galactic/achromatic night
Promenading the dim alley profane/ murky haze
Rips ambiguity/tolls fated scene enacted
Embodies hara-kiri in nature/dissipated prostitute languors
Blood curdling caterwaul/ominous enchantress
Cross eyed girl/gargoyle of oblivion.

Sarmistha Gupta

Sarmistha Gupta adores experimenting with various genres of poetry.Her gamut transcends all and embraces creativity at its subtlest. Her literary pieces have been contributed to Spillwords Press and several other literary magazines of the like. Sarmistha works among socially disadvantaged women in INDIA. Sarmistha is no one and no one is her.

Artist: Jackie Wilson





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