by Sarmistha Gupta

Babel in clouds
Infatuated ions grope
Ploughing into space
Seam their Dreams
Profound strains
Overwhelm the spatial sync
Soft murmur among Heavens
Shadowy huddle
Gnawing eardrums
Whimpering apprehension
Stars succour
Cotton fields gasp
Onto the kindle clasp
Shudder within the faceless
Contoured in scarlet hues
Enamoured in unblemished prophecy
Perplexed dollops
Symbolise unicorns in Dreams
Juxtaposed Images in frozen puzzle
Perpetual amateur frowns and pins
Tinkers and essays
Doodles Infinite
Woos cloudy masses
Strokes the everlasting fireflies
Blushes in awe.

Sarmistha Gupta

Sarmistha Gupta adores experimenting with various genres of poetry. Her gamut transcends all and embraces creativity at its subtlest. Her literary pieces have been contributed to Spillwords Press and several other literary magazines of the like. Sarmistha works among socially disadvantaged women in India. Sarmistha is no one and no one is her.





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