Mt. Woodson Trail by Shawn Anto

for Mel & Barbara

I unburden for a second.
hear faint whispering
my shame:
did you transgress, son?
transparency, let your eyes
communicate empathy, a sea.
we don’t keep secrets.
we take our mind out into precipice.
see—manzanita and poison oak
scattered along this ridge
dominating the undergrowth
and break
within these unclimbed boulders
and heel
at every barrier in this life
through these white sage bushes
and ascend the ladder.
Someday, we may be
free of these earthly forms
a new timeline
struggling to break through
all pain
all horrible things
they will disappear.

Shawn Anto

Shawn Anto is from Delano, California. He’s originally from Kerala, India. He received his B.A. in English & Theatre at CSU Bakersfield. He currently lives in Harlem pursuing his MFA in Creative Writing at Columbia University. His writing has been featured or are forthcoming in Reed Magazine, O:JA&L, Mojave Heart Review, and elsewhere

Artist: Natasha chomko





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