The Deluxe Angels

by Daniel Hotham

I’ll pass through June on a sled
Splayed out while light fragments break through a lazy fog.

My mind gets shot for a while
So I don’t know what any of the lights might mean
Maybe I’ll catch a few looks at the sun for a few hours
It’s just a question about how loud the salamanders are in that little drawer
Over there, whispering just loud enough for me.
Now sounds will come through the open window
They’ll rise like invitations to accept the notions of graceful nostalgia.

I’ll go back then to recreate my masterpieces
Inside bathrooms where my biographies get etched deep into me
Like kisses of the  running their tongues
Up and down
Up and down.

Daniel Hotham

Daniel has been writing since he was sixteen and has progressively improved his writing over the coming years. Initially, he started off as a fiction writer but found that poems offered a better outlet for his writing style. He likes to think of my writing as short but carry a heavy impact, each line a poem in and of itself. Each word being able to both captivate and entice readers to peruse deeper into the poems; line after line flowing together, never sharing a dull moment. Now at twenty-two, he hope’s my writing career can continue flourishing by offering up some of my newer pieces for publication through your organization.

artist: DJ Rodgers





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