Little Bird

by Anushka Bidani

i. how terrifying
loneliness can feel
like a dumb mouth shaping words
into an empty void. i
fold papers intro cranes, set
them on the table, waiting
for guests that never arrive
on time.

ii. how terrifying
discomfiture can feel
like acid in your blood burning
you from the inside-out. i
speak a little less, tracing
patterns on painfully soft
unscarred flesh.

iii. how terrifying
living can feel
like time waiting on you to stop
being so afraid of dying. i
find a wounded bluebird,
clean up its feathers,
willfully ignorant of the
last time it will fly.

Anushka Bidani

Anushka Bidani is an 18-year-old poet & essayist from India. She’s the Editor-in-Chief at Headcanon Magazine, a literary & art journal which aspires to throw light on the connections present between pop-culture, & its influence on our society. Her work has appeared in Royal Rose Magazine, Esthesia Magazine, & Marías at Sampaguitas; among others.

Artist: Wassily Kandinsky





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