Not Forgettable

by Ted E.F. Roberts

after stretched hearts and
out-loud love        we writhe
in a chaos of
snarled sheets, haiku parts
and aphorisms.

nothing about you
is forgettable.

your breathy hushed moans
and damp crescent eyes,
the “C” of your toes,
dancing demands,
defined desires and
the soft joys whispered
till deep in our after.

nothing about you
is forgettable.

Ted E.F. Roberts

Ted E.F. Roberts is a poet, researcher and reviewer who lives in Florida and spends as much time as possible in Thailand.  A former student of Lyn Lifshin and a World of Poetry “Golden Poet Award” recipient, his poems have appeared in numerous hard copy and online venues including Cosmopolitan Magazine, BareBack Magazine, Literotica and ZuZu Petals. Ted’s work has been featured on numerous sites including Writer’s Café, DUP, Open Arts Forum and Web Digest Weekly. Making Love a Verb, Ted’s new book, is available in hard copy and e-book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Artist: Mickalene Thomas





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