After Neneh Cherry

by Mary Shanley

No worries when I sing
along with Neneh Cherry.
She delivers me to the inside,
where the percolating begins.
Where words awaken the flow
and I’m moving in a direction
like none before. And that’s my deal,
like none before.
Percussion rocking full steam,
go for the vibes, shaker of sticks,
accentuating the licks; you’re so fly
and I’m doing the shake dance,
inside xylophone solo. D.J.’s scratching
vinyl in the background
Neneh strutting and sassy
In wild get down motion.
Singer- rapper antidote to Trumpian insanity;
Singer-rapper creates a swift stream
that carries me, jamming strokes
in an artist’s river.
On top of the bass line, under the drumbeat
she flashes her bra, sassy and a tease
swings her legs out from under
her rocking plaid skirt. Watch as she hikes
it up when the music is cooking and everybody
is looking to see what she will do next.
What else she will sing? What more can
she bring?
Will there be an encore
How many?

Mary Shanley 

Mary Shanley is a poet/writer who lives in NYC. Four of her books have been published: Hobo Code Poems by Vox Pop Press and Mott Street Stories and Las Vegas Stories, Things They Left Behind by Sidestreet Press. I publish online at: Long Shot Magazine, BlazeVOX, Ginosko Literary Journal, Indicia, Literary Heist, The Metaworker, Mobius, Modern Literature Magazine, Pangolin Review, Poetry Super Highway, Quail Bell Magazine The Voices Project, Visitant, Taj Mahal Review, Pif Literary Journal, Vita Brevis, Poesis Literary Journal, Radius Literary Journal, Voice of Eve, Mr. Bellers’s Neighborhood, Blue Lake Review, Logos Journal, Hobo Camp Review, StepAway Magazine, Anak Sastra Journal, Shangra-la Magazine.

Artist: Mehdi Lacoste





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