quit notice

by Salam Wosu

because my body is a house
situated beside the beautiful sea
overlooking the horizon/           high above clouds
I cannot afford it.
Today I sold a piece/
of my soul for another moment/       to watch the sun set dive/
into the wetness of the sea.
Tomorrow I will sell a piece/
of my mind to have my feet/    dent these beaches married to waves.
The day after that/
when you come knocking/     know that I have
become the wind that no body traps
know that I heard your voice in the trinkling/      of memories I slung to my shoulder &/
strapped to my back
as I walked into the sea


artist: kendrick daye

Salam Wosu binges on deep poetry that is inspired by topics that hurt to speak of – heartbreak, mourning, hatred and fear. He was shortlisted for the Korean Nigerian Poetry Fiesta award 2017 and has since then has his works in various online platforms and in the Mounting the Moon anthology of Queer Nigerian poems. He writes and blogs from Port Harcourt, Nigeria.