I Write To Tell You

by Salam Wosu

I write to tell you that my bones are made of contention
And my skin black with discord
I write to tell you that I come from the dust
And I am situated between desires that threaten to break or mould me
I write to tell you how I yearn to learn the ways of water
And the strength of this earth
I write to tell you of my roots that were shattered
And how my fruits fled in fear.
I write to tell you I am searching for my father’s face
Amongst this sea of bodies
I write to tell you I have swallowed poisons
Just to familiarise with pain
I write to tell you I have let light fall through my fingers like wheat
Just because I live freer at nights where sin is a norm.
I write to tell you this;
That though I am not the architect of the future
Or the steward of the past
I will stumble in the present searching for home
Even if I land in the arms of women that promise
To show me the world beneath the blanket of starless nights.

Salam Wosu

Salam Wosu binges on deep poetry that is inspired by topics that hurt to speak of – heartbreak, mourning, hatred and fear. He was shortlisted for the Korean Nigerian Poetry Fiesta award 2017 and has since then has his works in various online platforms and in the Mounting the Moon anthology of Queer Nigerian poems. He writes and blogs from Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

artist: kendrick daye





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