by Kristen Dunn

Feeling some type of calm
even though my body aches
I like the way I’ve lived
I do not see any mistakes
people are destructive
Emotions more intense than my own
sometimes it gets the best of them
sometimes their true colors are shown
a call out to end the conflict
a call out for the river to once again flow
my life has gone down a solitary path
and that is what I know
we began together as an ocean
with no breaks
but once the rocks and continents formed
I turned into a lake

Kristen Dunn

Kristen Dunn began writing music and poetry in 2011 when she bought her first ukulele. Kristen enjoys sharing her work and story with others because each poem is written with an incredible amount of honesty, and she hopes for others to be able to relate to what she has to say. She believes music and poetry to be a unifying force in a world where people feel isolated. Kristen was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She values nature and enjoys writing whenever she is close to Lake Michigan.

artist: anna okrasinski maddox





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